Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My day out shopping (and the results!)

Yesterday my friends and I had a day out in Manchester. We went early to avoid the madness that is Primark, so that we could buy our many items without having to queue for a ridiculous amount of time. Shopping should completely qualify as exercise! I was shattered at the end of the day, my arms were killing me, my legs were tired (They started to ache later on when at home). All that walking round Manchester must have definitely burned a few calories!
Let me show you some of my purchases.

 The polka-dot top is from Primark and was a bargain at just £8. I will probably wear it tucked into some black skinnys. It has also has some golf button detailing on the sleeves which you can’t see in the picture. My friend purchased the same top but in black & white.
The black jumper with the sequined birds is from Topshop and I absolutely adore it. I had seen it on the website and wanted it as soon as I saw it, but decided to wait until going shopping. I’m glad I managed to buy one. It was £46.  A bit steep but the heart wants what it wants.
The teal coloured dress was another bargain as I managed to get it in the sale from Topshop for £17. Normally I hate the sales, I can’t stand the jumbled vibe and the mess and usually steer well clear, but I decided to have a nosey and this is what I found. It isn’t for anything in particular, I will probably wear it on a random night out.
These are some accessories that I picked up.

Both pairs of shoes are from Primark. Normally my shoes come from River Island (Honestly I think I am addicted), but my heart did a little flutter when I saw these pairs of shoes. I am so impressed with the heeled loafers; they look like they could have come from Topshop.  They were £18!  Primark also had these shoes in a dusky blue colour as well.

The black courts were a mere £10 and honestly are so comfy to walk in. Surprisingly my shoe cupboard has a lack of black shoes, so with the slightly lower heel they fill a gap on my shoe rack as they will be perfect for nice meals out and chilled drinks with my ladies.

The scarf was from H&M. Again I had seen it the night before on the website, and immediately knew I had to have it, but I decided to wait until going to Manchester. It was £12.99 and will be perfect for an outfit I have imagined for New Year's Eve as I will be going to Edinburgh and to the street party so essential to get woollied up. But that's another blog-post. The brown and gold keyring was also from H&M and I thought it would spruce up my car keys as they have been looking a bit sad recently.

The hair clips and the bracelet were from Primark and again cheap as chips. I had already taken the bracelet out of the packaging prior to taking the photo through eagerness to wear it. Both cost £2.50 each. At prices like that, it would be rude to leave them. 

The ring I bought from Topshop. Just because. I don't need a reason ; ) It was £8.

Not bought in the same day, as it was purchased off ebay, I have bought this lovely camel mohair jumper.

 It is my first venture into the world of vintage. I bought it from a great vintage e-bay shop called tups-vintage. I’m ashamed to say the wardrobe has never really seen any vintage before, but all that is about to change. It was a little light-bulb moment after perusing the virtual rails of River Island yet again (seriously, I think I need some help!) that I thought, ‘Come on Carlene, be a bit different’. And so there you have it, the first of probably many vintage purchases to come. I already have my eye on a cute dress from the same e-bay store; it has 4 days to go so we shall see what happens.

We went to Wagamama's for lunch, somewhere I have never been before.

I chose the ‘Chicken Tama Rice’, but asked for it without onion, which they did. We also shared a portion of ‘Duck Gyoza’, which came with an amazing hoisin sauce. My dish was lovely. It was white sticky rice with chicken, courgettes and mushrooms in a garlic, ginger and wine sauce. My only gripe about it is that it wasn’t very hot. Other than that it was delish. It was a very healthy dish, rocking up only 490 calories, perfect for a foodie watching the ol’waistline as I am at the moment in anticipation of Christmas and a dress that I would very much like to fit into. I’m not doing too badly either, 8lbs lost so far :D But never fear, my foodie quest has not suffered under this new regime.
Anyway, that is all for now. I fear I have chewed your hypothetical ear off and shall say, 'Until next time'


  1. Love all your buys, especially the heeled loafers!! May have to make a cheeky trip to Primark now...!
    Thanks for following me! Love your blog, am now following too :)
    Cait xxx

  2. Aw thanks :) Glad you like! Saw your blog posted on twitter, retweeted by New Look, decided to have nosey haha. Yeah those shoes are fab, you need to get on it! xxx