Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oslo, Norway

I have had the best time in Oslo. I went on the 29th April and came back on the 2nd May. Oslo is such an unlikely city, not many people think of going there and yet it is such an amazing city. There are bars and restaurants everywhere, it is so clean, and it is full of beautiful people. It is also the most scandalously expensive city I have ever been to.

This is me and my friend Amy.

We managed to pack a lot into our trip whilst we were there. We visited the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Nobel Peace Centre, Akershus castle & fortress, Oslo Reptile Zoo, Natural History Museum and we went on a mini cruise around the Fjords. We were also incredibly lucky because the weather was amazing on the saturday. It was shorts and sunglasses for me!

It was a little bit windy, hence the fly-away hair! But that hotdog was fit. They seem to like their hotdogs in Oslo, you can get them everywhere. This one had bacon wrapped around it.

We couldnt however find a single shop that sold a bottle of wine as we had hoped to have a glass whilst getting ready for going out in the evening. We were met with an amused expression after asking in a 7/11 where we could get one from.

Meet the most expensive pizza I will probably ever buy.

We visited a restaurant called Dolly Dimple's, which is like Pizza Hut. We had a pizza each and a bottle of wine which came to 630kr, which with the exchange rate equalled about £85. I know. Very expensive. It was however a very good pizza with feta cheese, olives, mushrooms, ham and a pesto sauce. If anyone ever complains to me about Dominoes being expensive they will get an absolute earfull from me!

We stayed in the Radisson Scandinavia, which is a great hotel with a great bar called 'Summit' on the 23rd floor. They do excellent cocktails. My favorite was a champagne cocktail called Vanilla Sparks which had vanilla vodka, apple liqueur, lemon and champagne in it. It was devine.

We also visited an itlian restaurant called Olivia's which did an amazing chocolate fondant dessert. We also took advantage of the Ben & Jerry's cafe just round the corner from hotel.

I would absolutly reccommend Oslo for people to visit, it is amazing and I guarantee that you would have a good time. Just be prepared for things to cost a alot!

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