Sunday, 6 February 2011

Drinking Champagne in Style

Sometimes there is nothing better than a glass of bubbly. Firstly, because it usually means you are celebrating something, which is precisely what I was doing last night in Manchester, and secondly, when it's a decent bottle, it can be bloody gorgeous.

My own personal favorites have been the cocktails made with prosecco at The Hilton hotel's Cloud 23, especially a delicious peach bellini, and the Manchester Malmaison hotel has an excellent cocktail bar which does a fabulous apple flavoured bellini, amongst many other great cocktails.

But last night was a bottle of Moet, to celebrate my cousin getting married in a month's time (i.e her hen party). And nothing sets off a glass of champers like a pair of flashing horns and willy straw.

I know, I am one classy bird.

By the way, The Birdcage in Manchester is a great night out and they also do amazing cocktails. The Cosmopolitan is particularly good but I wouldn't have too many, they are incredibly lethal.

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