Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hen Party in York

Hi everyone! It's been a couple of weeks but I've finally got a day off work and I can post about my fabulous weekend in York for my friend Jenna's hen party.

When: Saturday 25th February 2012

Where: Yates, Slug & Lettuce, Bobo Lobo & Revolution - York

Who With: 16 excited hens!

For Jenna's hen party we decided to go to York for the weekend. We stayed overnight in a Premier Inn and started the party at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Quite a lot of prep went into the weekend, as organised by one of my best friends, the Chief Bridesmaid, Amy. I helped out by providing sweet packs (naturally) with a strong willy theme (of course). They included marshmallow, jelly, chocolate and candy willys as well as a packet of love hearts.

The love hearts were personalised for Jenna's Hen Party, I got these made off an ebay retailer, I thought they would be a cute touch to the packs!

I also helped Amy make some vodka jelly shots (yes, the jelly shots have returned!). We used raspberry flavoured jelly and just made enough for one each per hen. The party started in the hotel at about 3:30 where we indulged the jelly shots and had a champagne toast to Jenna.

Lots of wine and champers!

We then made our way to Yate's in the centre of York where it was only £2 for a glass of wine! Cheapy cheap! Me and one of the other girls then got ourselves a pitcher of cocktail, (sex on the beach, it was only a £5!) We felt no need for glasses, the straws sufficed haha!

Cocks in a cocktail haha!

We then went to Slug and Lettuce where we had a table booked for something to eat. I didnt bother to take photos of my meal as I was a) a little bit too tipsy to remember and b) I was dissapointed with what I had ordered. There was nothing wrong with it, it just wasn't what I expected. I ordered a Chicken and Mozzarella Tostada, which I thought was going to be something hot with melted cheese and it would have been amazing. What arrived was basically an open wrap with what looked like a full shrub poured onto it with 2 pieces of chicken and a crumb of mozzarella. This did a not a happy drunk girl make! I ate it, but it wasn't the kind of food you normally have after a few! I made up for it by ordering a brownie dessert, which did not dissapoint!

Here are a few more pictures from the night.

This guy is the absolute spitting image of Karl Pilkington. I swear he is his double!

And this is a piccie of me, Amy and Jenna : )

There is only 4 weeks to go now until the big trip to Jamaica, 5 weeks until the actual wedding as we go on the 2nd but they get married on the 11th of April. I am so excited and cannot believe how quickly this trip has come round as we booked 12 months ago. I've bought a few things for the trip which I shall share in another post, but I am now going to go and enjoy the rest of my day off work. I'm off to the Trafford Centre to spend some money and have some lunch with a friend, and if I enjoy the meal you might just be hearing about it!

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